Hollowware & Buffetware

Innovative design, shape, materials, concept, performance and esthetic come together in Sphera’s round and symmetric forms. Coffee line, pitchers, vases and glacettes have in common the elegance and taste typical of Sambonet. A modern collection that gives stainless steel a new form. 

Kitchen Utensils

UNI EN ISO 22000 

Sambonet Paserno Industries is the first company in its industry that has been awarded the UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 certification. This certification attests to the highest international standard both for the Group and for the whole food and beverage industry. 


We reserve the right to alter at any time the specifications stated without notice. Considering that different operations are processed manually, some slight differences between same products of different lots may be noticed. The shapes of flatware illustrated are representatives and are not to be considered as real shape.